Jasmeet's Mission:

Jasmeet is a well known percussionist specializing in the Tabla and Jori instruments. He is known for both his captivating performances and his innovative teaching styles. Jasmeet takes pride in upholding the Hindustani Classical tradition and wants to spread awareness of the art. This historic art form teaches its students about the Indian culture, respect, dedication, meditation, hard work and many other values strongly associated with the music. Jasmeet hopes to inspire, encourage and pass on the unique knowledge he has received from his Gurus to the younger generation.

Jasmeet has an ability to grasp the audience during performances and is appreciated by artists for his accompaniment as well as solo programs. Jasmeet is also known for his ability to connect with his students, giving him the ability to cater to each individual student's unique learning style. He believes that everyone learns in a different way and being able to find that method and connect with his students is something he is well known for.


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